The Burglars Fate and the Detectives
Rambles in Europe In a Series of Familiar Letters
A Historical Sketch of Sturbridge and Southbridge
A History of the House of Douglas from the Earliest Times Down to the Legislative Union of England and Scotland Volume 1
History of Chronic Phlegmasiae or Inflammations Founded on Clinical Experience and Pathological Anatomy Exhibiting a View of the Different Varieties and Complications of These Diseases With Their Various Methods of Treatment Volume V1
My Lifes Pilgrimage Introd by Lord Burnham
Recollections of a Nonagenarian of Life in New England the Middle West and New York Including a Mission to Great Britain in Behalf of the Southern Freedmen Together with Scenes in California
Apostles of Mediaeval Europe
An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought A Treatise on Pure and Applied Logic
The Province of Expression A Search for Principles Underlying Adequate Methods of Developing Dramatic and Oratoric Delivery
The Suns Place in Nature
Bulletin of the United States National Museum Issue 17
Psychology an Introductory Study of the Structure and Function of Human Consciousness
History of the Irish Parliamentary Party
The Democracy of Christianity Or An Analysis of the Bible and Its Doctrines in Their Relation to the Principles of Democracy
University of California Publications in Zoology Volume 19
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 19
A Topographical Statistical Historical Account of the Borough of Preston by Marmaduke Tulket
Canon Sheehan of Doneraile The Story of an Irish Parish Priest as Told Chiefly by Himself in Books Personal Memoirs and Letters
The Elements of the Great War
A Dream of Blue Roses
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
The Pathway of Life to Which Is Added a Biography of Dr Talmage
A Comprehensive Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of the English Language with Vocabularies of Classical Scripture and Modern Geographical Names
The Poetical Works with an Introductory Essay by Henry T Tuckerman
The Theory and Practice of the Art of Weaving by Hand and Power with Calculations and Tables for the Use of Those Connected with the Trade
The Door of Dread A Secret Service Romance Illustrated by M Leone Bracker
A History of Modern England
The Sins of the Father A Romance of the South
The Home and Court Life of the Emperor Napoleon and His Family with Pictures of the Most Distinguished Persons of the Time
The Practice of Typography A Treatise on Title-Pages with Numerous Illustrations in Facsimile and Some Observations on the Early and Recent Printing of Books
A Treatise on the Relations of the Church Rome and Dissent
The Presbyterian Church in Iowa 1837-1900 History
The Reasoning Power in Animals
The Dragon and the Raven Or the Days of King Alfred with Illus by CJ Staniland
The Wasted Island
The Turmoil a Novel Illustrated by CE Chambers
The Fakers
The Rights of Sovereigns and Subjects
The Life of an Empire
The Federalist on the New Constitution
The Lives of the British Saints The Saints of Wales and Cornwall and Such Irish Saints as Have Dedications in Britain
The Cradle of the Confederacy Or the Times of Troup Quitman and Yancey a Sketch of Southwestern Political History from the Formation of the Federal Government to AD 1861
An Epoch in Irish History Trinity College Dublin Its Foundation and Early Fortunes 1591-1660
A Survey of English Literature 1780-1880
Report Volume 25
Glasgow Medical Journal Volume 44
The Nazarene and Universalist Family Companion Volume 4
The Royal Institution Its Founder [Sir B Thompson] and Its First Professors
Canoemates A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades
Tales of the Crusaders Volume 2
The American Revolution Volume 10
Pamphlets on Biology Kofoid Collection Volume 3127
The Catarrhal and Suppurative Diseases of the Accessory Sinuses of the Nose
Journals of the House of Commons of Canada Volume 29
The Retrospective Review and Historical and Antiquarian Magazine Volume 14
A View of the English Stage Or a Series of Dramatic Criticisms
The Life of William Waynflete Bishop of Winchester
Industrial Efficiency A Comparative Study of Industrial Life in England Germany and America Volume 2
The American Homoeopathist Volume 25
Books and Persons Being Comments on a Past Epoch 1908-1911
Round the Sofa Volume 1
The African Wanderers Or the Adventures of Carlos and Antonio
Faggots for the Fireside Or Fact and Fancy
Science and Theology Ancient and Modern
Famous Leaders Among Men
Representative English Dramas from Dryden to Sheridan
Damiano the Story of a Poor Family
Early Steps in the Fold Instructions for Converts and Enquirers
Plays Adapted for Family Reading and the Use of Young Persons by the Omission of Objectionable Passages
Fables from La Fontaine in English Verse
Institutes of the Laws of England Or a Commentary Upon Littleton Not the Name of the Author Only But of the Law Itself
Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Resselaerswyck
Psychological Review
Proceedings Second Series
Outlines of Physical Chemistry
Poems Letters and Essays
The Friendly Town A Little Book for the Urbane
Potash and Perlmutter Their Copartnership Ventures and Adventures
Drill Regulations for Cavalry United States Army
Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes
Demetrius on Style the Greek Text of Demetrius de Elocutione
Fancy Free
Scientific Reports
Sketches of Irish History Antiquities Religion Customs and Manners
Practical Methods in Arithmetic
Houses of Glass a Philosophical Remance
The Pioneer School A History of Shurtleff College the Oldest Educational Institution in the West
Power Railway Signalling by H Raynar Wilson
Fur Seal Arbitration in the Matter of the Claims of Great Britain Against the United States of America Before the Bering Sea Claims Commission Argument for the United States in Reply
Popular Lectures on the Books of the New Testament
By Order of the Company
Recreation Volume 51
Practical Lessons in Psychology
Eva Desmond Or Mutation
Along Alaskas Great River Popular Account of an Alaska Exploring Expedition Along the Great Yukon River from Its Source to Its Mouth in the British North-West Territory and in the Territory of Alaska
A Veteran of 1812 The Life of James Fitzgibbon
Rates of Pay and Regulations Governing Employees in Train and Yard Service On the Principal Railroads of the United States Canada and Mexico
Capt John Mason the Founder of New Hampshire Including His Tract on Newfoundland 1620 The American Charters in Which He Was a Grantee With Letters and Other Historical Documents Together with a Memoir
History the Interpreter of Prophecy Or a View of Scriptural Prophecies and Their Accomplishment in the Past and Present Occurrences of the World With Conjectures Respecting Their Future Completion
Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey Slovak
Conjugial Love and Its Chaste Delights Also Adulterous Love and Its Sinful Pleasures
Manual of Political Ethics
Tristram Lacy Or the Individualist
Euclids Elements of Geometry Books I-IV VI and XI
Sir Robert Peel from His Private Papers
Life of Goethe
Saturday Magazine
Lives of the Irish Saints With Special Festivals and the Commemorations of Holy Persons
Out of Harness Sketches Narrative and Descriptive
An Encyclopaedia of Textiles From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the 19th Century
The Golden Woman A Story of the Montana Hills
Catalogue of the Books Manuscripts Maps and Drawings in the British Museum (Natural History)
Forty Years of Paris
Sarah Althea Sharon Plaintiff vs William Sharon Defendant Argument of W H L Barnes for the Defendant
Chevalier DHarmental Le
Vignettes of Travel Some Comparative Sketches in England and Italy
Library of English Literature
John Gaythers Garden and the Stories Told Therein
Ampleforth Journal
The History of Great Britain From the First Invasion of It by the Romans Under Julius Caesar Written on a New Plan Volume 5
Educational Monthly of Canada
Sir Jaspers Tenant A Novel
Rheinsberg Memorials of Frederick the Great and Prince Henry of Prussia
Report of Employers Liability Commission
Yackety Yack [Serial] Volume 1962
The Garrison Church Sketches of the History of St Thomas Parish Garrison Forest Baltimore County Maryland 1742-1852
The Temper of the Seventeenth Century in English Literature
The Ocean Waifs
The British Mission to Uganda in 1893
The Life and Mission of Emanuel Swedenborg
The Alsop Claim the Case of the United States of America for and in Behalf of the Original American Claimants in This Case Their Heirs Assigns Representatives and Devisees Versus the Republic of Chile Before His Majesty George V Under the Protoco
A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Action of Enjectment and the Resulting Action for Mesne Profits
The End of the Ages
The South African Commonwealth
The Miracle
The Tenement House Problem
The Epistle of Paul to the Romans
Register of the University of Oxford
Life Sketches of Eminent Lawyers American English and Canadian To Which Is Added Thoughts Facts and Facetiae
Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1860 [1861] [1862-3] Volume 1
The Life and Letters of George John Romanes
Tales and Novels in Verse
A Short History of English Versification from the Earliest Times to the Present Day A Handbook for Teachers and Students
The Malarial Fevers Haemoglobinuric Fever and the Blood Protozoa of Man
The Urine and Its Derangements With the Application of Physiological Chemistry to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Constitutional as Well as Local Diseases
The Beautiful Life and Illustrious Reign of Queen Victoria
The Normal and Pathological Histology of the Mouth Being the 2D Ed of the Histology and Patho-Histology of the Teeth and Associated Parts Volume V1
A History of the Art of Writing
Desk and Debit Or the Catastrophes of a Clerk
Daisys Aunt
The Doctors Dilemma Getting Married the Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet
Early Letters of Marcus Dods DD Late Principal of New College Edinburgh 1850-1864
The Life and Public Services of Samuel Adams Being a Narrative of His Acts and Opinions and of His Agency in Producing and Forwarding the American Revolution with Extracts from His Correspondence State Papers and Political Essays
Biographical Record of the Alumni of Amherst College 1821-[1896]
A Dissertation on Miracles Containing an Examination of the Principles Advanced by David Hume in an Essay on Miracles With a Correspondence on the Subject by Mr Hume Dr Campbell and Dr Blair to Which Are Added Sermons and Tracts
Eliza Cooks Journal
A System of Logic Comprising a Discussion of the Various Means of Acquiring and Retaining Knowledge and Avoiding Error
Elements of General Chemistry with Experiments
Danger Or Wounded in the House of a Friend
Dr Summers A Life Story
Paul Jones His Exploits in English Seas During 1778-1780 Contemporaryaccounts Collected from English Newspapers
Documentary History of Education in Upper Canada from the Passing of the Constitutional Act of 1791 to the Close of REV Dr Ryersons Administration of the Education Department in 1876
Sermons Translated from the Original French of the Late REV James Saurin Pastor of the French Church at the Hague
Deuteronomy and Joshua Introductions Revised Version with Notes Map and Index
Milk Cheese and Butter a Practical Handbook on Their Properties and the Processes of Their Production
Second Nights People and Ideas of the Theatre To-Day
Succincta Medicorum Hungariae Et Transilvaniae Biographia Centuria Prima-[Tertia] Excerpta Ex Adversariis Auctoris Volumes 1-2
Campbellism Examined and Re-Examinei [IE Re-Examined]
Horace Bushnell Preacher and Theologian
Sowers Not Reapers Cinnamon and Pearls a Tale of the Tyne
Frank Foresters Fish and Fishing of the United States and British Provinces of North America
Works With and Introd and Explanatory Notes by Henry Weber Volume 9
Zoologist A Monthly Journal of Natural History Volume 17
Ten Years Travel Sport in Foreign Lands Or Travels in the Eighties
Works Volume 5
Works The Alchemist Catiline His Conspiracy
Works The Solar System
The Indian Tribes of the United States Their History Antiquities Customs Religion Arts Language Traditions Oral Legends and Myths
Annual Report Volume 10
On the State of Society in France Before the Revolution of 1789 And on the Causes Which Led to That Event
Dows Patent Sermons Volume 2
Resolves of the State of Maine
A Journey Through Scotland In Familiar Letters from a Gentleman Here to His Friend Abroad Being the Third Volume Which Compleats Great Britain Volume 3
Transactions Volume 28
Carews Survey of Cornwall
The Life and Times of Sir Leonard Tilley Being a Political History of New Brunswick for the Past Seventy Years
Reports of Cases in the Reigns of Hen VIII Edw VI Q Mary and Q Eliz Volume 1
Archaeologia Or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume 9
Britanno-Roman Inscriptions with Criticial Notes
Supplement to Bells British Theatre Consisting of the Most Esteemed Farces and Entertainments Now Performing on the British Stage
The National Farmers and Housekeepers Cyclopaedia A Complete Ready Reference Library for Farmers Gardeners Fruit Growers Stockmen and Housekeepers with Two Hundred and Forty-Nine Illustrations
The Medieval Church in Scotland Its Constitution Organisation and Law
Plays Stories Poems
Report of Commission V The Training of Teachers With Supplement Presentation and Discussion of the Report in the Conference on 22nd June 1910
History of the Development of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ
Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti to William Allingham 1854-1870
The Definite Object
Economic Beginnings of the Far West How We Won the Land Beyond the Mississippi
The Drama Its History Literature and Influence on Civilization
A History of Egypt
Self-Government in Canada and How It Was Achieved The Story of Lord Durhams Report
Lecture on the Shorter Catechism of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America Addressed to Youth
Robert Chesters Loves Martyr Or Rosalins Complaint (1601) With Its Supplement Diverse Poeticall Essaies on the Turtle and Phoenix
Oriental and Linguistic Studies
Calendar of Historical Manuscripts Relating to the War of the Revolution in the Office of the Secretary of State Albany Ny
The Interlopers A Novel
The Falls of Niagara Their Evolution and Varying Relations to the Great Lakes Characteristics of the Power and the Effects of Its Diversion
Radio in Wartime
Forty Years of s Py
Publications Volume V 10 2
Recent Indian Wars Under the Lead of Sitting Bull and Other Chiefs With a Full Account of the Messiah Craze and Ghost Dances
Queen Hynde A Poem in Six Books
The Pure Food Cook Book The Good Housekeeping Recipes Just How to Buy Just How to Cook
Quebec a Quaint Mediaeval French City in America at the Dawn of the 20th Century Its Topography History Legends and Historical Treasures and Surroundings
A Hunters Experiences in the Southern States of America Microform Being an Account of the Natural History of the Various Quadrupeds and Birds Which Are the Objects of Chase in Those Countries
Speeches in Parliament and Some Miscellaneous Pamphlets of the Late Henry Drummond Esq
Retrospect of Medicine
Poetical Works from 1826 to 1844 Edited with a Memoir by John H Ingram
A Book of Golden Deeds of All Times and All Lands Gathered and Narrated by the Author of the Heir of Redclyffe
Rebel America The Story of Social Revolt in the United States
Organic Evolution as the Result of the Inheritance of Acquired Characters According to the Laws of Organic Growth
[Forestry Reports]
Department of Public Education State of Maryland Forty-Third Annual Report Showing Condition of the Public Schools of Maryland for the Year Ending July 31st 1909 Volume 1910
Beginnings in Animal Husbandry
Maryland Historical Magazine Volume Yr1918
The Southern Dental Journal Volume 8
Proceedings of the Naval Court Martial in the Case of Alexander Slidell MacKenzie Microform A Commander in the Navy of the United States C Including the Charges and Specifications of Charges Preferred Against Him by the Secretary of the Navy To W
Bells British Theatre Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays Volume 14
The Omaha Clinic Volume 8
Johnson Genealogy Records of the Descendants of John Johnson of Ipswich and Andover Mass 1635-1892 With an Appendix Containing Records of Descendants of Timothy Johnson of Andover and Poems of Johnson Descendants
Honore de Balzac in Twenty-Five Volumes The First Complete Translation Into English with Illustrations from Drawings on the Wood by Famous French Artists
The Roorkee Treatise on Civil Engineering in India Volume 3
The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Volume 3
Selections from the Poems Edited with Introd Notes and Vocabulary by John G Dow
The Messiah
The Budget and Responsible Government a Description and Interpretation of the Struggle for Responsible Government in the United States with Special Reference to Recent Changes in State Constitutions and Statute Laws Providing for Administrative Reorgani
The Twelve Best Tales by English Writers
The American Journal of Science and Arts Volume 46
The Cottagers Guide to the New Testament
The Gentlemans Magazine (London England) Volume 57
The Public Statute Laws of the State of Connecticut as Revised and Enacted by the General Assembly in May 1821
The Real America in Romance
The Clinical Journal Volume 31
The Life of the REV John William de La Flechere
Sub Turri = Under the Tower The Yearbook of Boston College Volume 1970
The History of the Old and New Testaments
A History of England in the Eighteenth Century Volume 5
Rambles in Search of Flowerless Plants
The History of Ireland from the Earliest Authentic Accounts [An Abridgment of Lelands History of Ireland] by the Editors of the Modern Universal History
Night and Morning
Annual Report Volume V51 1913
The Student and Intellectual Observer of Science Literature and Art
The Life of Cardinal Vaughan
Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science Volume 13
General Catalogue (No 293) Periodicals Standard Works Scarce and Valuable Works of the Last Four Centuries
Kurtzer Begrif Teutscher Reichs-Historie
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Volume 11
Notre-Dame Volume 2
Ethel Woodville Or Womans Ministry A Tale for the Times
A History of England Under the Duke of Buckingham and Charles I 1624-1628 Volume 2
American Business Methods for Increasing Production and Reducing Costs in Factory Store and Office
The Hall and the Grange A Novel
Control of Heredity A Study of the Genesis of Evolution and Degeneracy
Alterations of Personality
Queens of the French Stage
Representative One-Act Plays by British and Irish Authors
The Loyalists An Historical Novel Volume 1
The Preacher of Cedar Mountain A Tale of the Open Country
Dreamers of the Ghetto
Publications Texts for Students of International Law
Political Literary Essays 1908-1913
Cambridge and Its Story with Lithographs and Other Illus by Herbert Railton the Lithographs Being Tinted by Fanny Railton
Commercial Directory of Latin America
Publications of the Members of the University 1902-1916
The Dramatic Works of John Crowne With Prefatory Memoir and Notes
Imperialism and Democracy Unionist Principles Applied to Mdoern Problems
Poems of Sir Samuel Ferguson with an Introduction by Alfred Perceval Graves
Promising New Fruits
Devon Cornwall Notes Queries A Quarterly Journal Devoted to the Local History Biography and Antiquities of the Counties of Devon and Cornwall
Exploratio Philosophica Part I[-II
Problems Connected with the Tides of a Viscous Spheroid
Poetical Works Edited with a Critical Memoir
Railroads and Government Their Relations in the United States 1910-1921
Off to Klondyke Or a Cowboys Rush to the Gold Fields
Cupids Middleman
Institutiones D Iustiniani SS Princ Libri IV
Shakespeares Environment 2D Issue with Additions
Ecclesia Militans Regnum Christi in Terris Volume 2
A Treatise on the Design and Construction of Roofs
The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans
The Art of the Wallace Collection Including an Account of Its Founders a Description of the Pictures and a Survey of the Chief Exhibits in the Galleries Devoted to Objects of Art and Arms and Armour
A Short History of Comparative Literature from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
Diary and Correspondence to Which Is Subjoined the Private Correspondence Between King Charles I and Sir Edward Nicholas and Between Sir Edward Hyde Afterwards Earl of Clarendon and Sir Richard Browne
Curiosities of Literature Volume 1
Homiletics and Pastoral Theology
The Prose Epitome Or Elegant Extracts Abridged from the Larger Volume for the Improvement of Scholars at Classical and Other Schools in the Art of Speaking in Reading Thinking Composing and in the Conduct of Life
Works Life Comp by Owen Ruffhead
Soldiering in Canada Recollections and Experiences
Transactions Volume 21
Oral Argument of James C Carter Esq on Behalf of the United States Before the Tribunal of Arbitration Convened at Paris Under the Provisions of the Treaty Between the United States of America and Great Britain Concluded February 29 1892
Darrel of the Blessed Isles
Twelve Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions Volume 5
Viator Christianus Or the Christian Traveller
The Progress of the United States of America from the Earliest Periods Geographical Statistical and Historical
Primitive Christian Eschatology
Knox County in the World War 1917-1918-1919
Ten Years of My Life
Documentary History of Suffield In the Colony and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 1660-1749
Prince or Creole The Mystery of Louis XVII
The Pilgrims of Iowa
Lynn in the Revolution Volume PT1
Captain Anthony Wilding
Life Among the Indians
The Divine Theory A System of Divinity Founded Wholly Upon Christ Which by One Principle Offers an Explanation of All the Works of God
The Apostolic Fathers by the Late JB Lightfoot
Germanys Point of View
Out of the Wreck I Rise
Genealogical Record of the Condit Family Descendants of John Cunditt a Native of Great Britain Who Settled in Newark NJ 1678 to 1885
Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church
Arminius Vambery His Life and Adventures
Complete Works Comprising His Essays Plays and Poetical Works with a Memoir by William Spalding
Life of a Pioneer Being the Autobiography of James S Brown
Dictionary of Railway Terms in Spanish-English English-Spanish
Confederate Military History A Library of Confederate States History
The Annals of Albany
Precedents and Notes of Practice in the Court of Chancery of New Jersey Together with the Rules of the Court of Chancery the Prerogative Court and the Court of Appeals Also a Digest of the Rulings of These Courts in Matters of Pleading and Practice
A Poets Bazaar A Picturesque Tour in Germany Italy Greece and the Orient
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Volume 16
A Practical and Systematic Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations
The History and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church Containing an Account of Its Origin Government Doctrines Worship Revenues and Clerical and Monastic Institutions
The Books of Exodus Leviticus and Numbers Volume 2
The Songs of England and Scotland
The Problem of Evil in Plotinus
The Old Dominion Journal of Medicine and Surgery Volume 11
A Prince of Europe (Helianthus)
The Judgement of the Catholic Church on the Necessity of Believing That Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Very God The Primitive and Apostolic Tradition of the Doctrine Concerning the Divinity of Our Saviour Jesus Christ And Brief Animadversions on a Treatise
The History of the French Revolution 1789-1800
An Egyptian Princess
The Wonderful House That Jack Has A Reader in Practical Physiology and Hygiene for Use in School and Home
The Pleasant Land of France
A Book about the English Bible
A History of the Political Campaign in Virginia in 1855 [Electronic Resource] with a Biographical Sketch of Henry A Wise
A Monk of Fife Being the Chronicle Written by Norman Leslie of Pitcullo Concerning Marvellous Deeds That Befell in the Realm of France in the Years of Our Redemption 1429-31 Now First Done Into English Out of the French by Andrew Lang
The Miscellaneous Works of Colonel Humphreys
The Hakim Sahib the Foreign Doctor A Biography of Joseph Plumb Cochran M D of Persia
The Story of Goethes Life (Abridged from His Life and Works of Goethe)
The Principles and Practice of Medicine Founded on the Most Extensive Experience in Public Hospitals and Private Practice And Developed in a Course of Lectures Delivered at University College London
The Elements of Business Law With Illustrative Examples and Problems
The Making of Species
Famous Frontiersmen Pioneers and Scouts The Vanguards of American Civilization Including Boone Crawford Girty Molly Finney the McCulloughs Captain Jack Buffalo Bill General Custer with His Last Campaign Against Sitting Bull and General Crook Wi
The Recent Progress of Astronomy Especially in the United States
The Present State of Europe Volume 18
A Vertebrate Fauna of the Orkney Islands
A Treatise on Biblical Criticism Exhibiting a Systematic View of That Science Volume 1
The Journal of Hellenic Studies Volume 21
Letters from England By Don Manuel Alvarez Espriella Translated from the Spanish
A History of English Dress from the Saxon Period to the Present Day
English Fairy Tales
Debts of Honor
The Road to Le Reve
An Introduction to the Science of Comparative Mythology and Folklore
The Progressive Ages OT the Triumphs of Science and Treasures of Nature History and Literature
William of Germany
A Course of Practical Instruction in Botany Part 1
The Strong Arm
Ibsens Prose Dramas Volume 5
My Native Land The United States Its Wonders Its Beauties and Its People
Focloir Gaoidhlige-Sacs-Beurla Or an Irish-English Dictionary Intended for the Use of Students and Teachers of Irish
Prose Dramas With an Introduction
Desultory Reminiscences of a Tour Through Germany Switzerland and France
Wigtown and Whithorn Historical and Descritptive Sketches Stories and Anecdotes Illustrative of the Racy Wit Pawky Humor of the District
Lessons in Botany
Queensland Agricultural Journal Volume 20
The Brook Kerith A Syrian Story
Military Record of Civilian Appointments in the United States Army
Psychical Phenomena and the War
Pollyooly A Romance of Long Felt Wants and the Red Haired Girl Who Filled Them
A First Book in Old English Grammar Reader Notes and Vocabulary
The Literary Mans Bible A Selection of Passages from the Old Testament Historic Poetic and Philosophic Illustrating Hebrew Literature
The Natural History of Plants Their Forms Growth Reproduction and Distribution From the German of Anton Kerner Von Marilaun Tr and Ed by FW Oliver with the Assistance of Marian Busk and Mary F Ewart with about 2000 Original Woodc
Naval Hygiene
Bibliographia Zoologiae Et Geologiae [Microform] a General Catalogue of All Books Tracts and Memoirs on Zoology and Geology
Reclamation Era Volume 45-48
Popular Natural History A Description of Animal Life from the Lowest Forms Up to Man
Arthur Douglas Missionary on Lake Nyasa The Story of His Life
Ange Pitou Or Taking the Bastile
Memoirs of the Late Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton with a Selection from Her Correspondence and Other Unpublished Writings Volume V1
Steps to the Temple Delights of the Muses and Other Poems The Text Edited by AR Waller
Annals of the Durban Museum Volume V 2 (1917-20)
Humboldt Monatsschrift Fur Die Gesamten Naturwissenschaften Volume Jahrg 7 1888
Deerfoot in the Mountains
Timehri Volume 3 Ser3
Evansville and Its Men of Mark
Yackety Yack [Serial] Volume 1964
Yackety Yack [Serial] Volume 1966
Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Rhode Island for the Year Ending Volume 1891
Decisions and Opinions of the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of the State of Illinois 1889 to 1899 Volume 1889-1899
Arius the Libyan A Romance of the Primitive Church
Our Hawaii
Oddfellows Magazine Volume Series 3 V 3
Bowdoin Orient Volume V14 No1-17 (1884-1885)
Second Contribution to the Studies on the Cambrian Faunas of North America
Yackety Yack [Serial] Volume 1969
Annual Report Volume 17
Humboldt Monatsschrift Fur Die Gesamten Naturwissenschaften Volume Jahrg 9 1890
Humboldt Monatsschrift Fur Die Gesamten Naturwissenschaften Volume Jahrg 3 1884
Brambletye House Or Cavaliers and Roundheads a Novel
New Monthly Magazine Volume 32
Catherines Child
The English Woman Studies in Her Psychic Evolution
Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York
Cassells Reinforced Concrete A Complete Treatise on the Practice and Theory of Modern Construction in Concrete-Steel
Manual of Psychology
The Extravaganzas of JR Planche Esq (Somerset Herald) 1825-1871
The Earnest Student
Records of the Town of Plymouth
With Lyon in Missouri
A Manual for the Student of Anatomy Containing Rules for Displaying the Structure of the Body So as to Exhibit the Elementary Views of Anatomy and Their Application to Pathology and Surgery
The Koester School Book of Drapes A Complete Text Book and Course of Instruction in Merchandise Draping
History of the Berwickshire Naturalists Club Instituted September 22 1831 Volume 5
Speeches of Edward Lord Lytton
Of One Blood
Catalogue of Tje Library of the Oxford and Cambridge Club
A Natural History of British Moths
The Works of the Late Reverend Robert Traill AM Minister of the Gospel in London
Catherine de Medicis
Selected from the Letters and Papers of John Barclay
A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents
Culture and Restraint
Educational Review
The Story of the Great War History of the European War from Official Sources Complete Historical Records of Events to Date
Anecdote Biography
A Revolutionary Princess Christina Belgiojoso-Trivulzio Her Life and Times 1808-1871
The Bacteria [Microform]
Transactions Volume 36
Old Age Deferred The Causes of Old Age and Its Postponement by Hygienic and Therapeutic Measures
The Chemical Gazette Or Journal of Practical Chemistry in All Its Applications to Pharmacy Arts and Manufactures Volume 13
Roads of Adventure
Rare Days in Japan
Modern Short-Stories
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Kings Bench Volume 14
The Complete Works of Henry Kirke White With an Account of His Life
Bisocialism the Reign of the Man at the Margin
Memoirs of the Musical Drama Volume 1
Bishop Burnets History of His Own Time With the Suppressed Passages of the First Volume and Notes by the Earls of Dartmouth and Hardwicke and Speaker Onslow Hitherto Unpublished
A Concise System of Theology On the Basis of the Shorter Catechism
Cappy Ricks Or the Subjugation of Matt Peasley
Wisconsin Naturalist Volumes 1-9
The Life of General Washington First President of the United States Volume 1
Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland Compiled from the Original Records and Mss with Historical Illustrations 1609 - 1615 Volume 3 Issue 1
Studies of Nature Translated from the French of JHB de St Pierre Carefully Abridged
The Albany Law Journal A Monthly Record of the Law and the Lawyers Volume 65
A Six Months Tour Through the North of England Containing an Account of the Present State of Agriculture Manufactures and Population in Several Counties of This Kingdom Particularly I the Nature Value and Rental of the Soil
Trials for Adultery
Father Lacombe the Black-Robe Voyageur
Institutiones Doctrinae Christianae
Traffic Geography
Big Game Shooting on the Equator
The Bench and Bar of Saratoga County Or Reminiscences of the Judiciary and Scenes in the Court Room From the Organization of the County to the Present Time
Conversations on the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England
Register of All Officers and Agents Civil Military and Naval in the Service of the United States With the Names Force and Condition of All Ships and Vessels Belonging to the United States and When and Where Built
Child and Country A Book of the Younger Generation
Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania [1828-1835]
The Visions of the Apocalypse and Their Lessons Being the Donnellan Lectures for 1891-92
A Swan and Her Friends
Sketches of the Irish Bar
The New Monthly Magazine
Blighted Ambition Or the Rise and Fall of the Earl of Somerset A Romance in Three Volumes
The Poetical Works of John Milton Volume 2
The Races of Ireland and Scotland
Church and State in England
The Earnest Student Being Memorials of John Mackintosh
Antonio Pollaiuolo
The Daughter of Brahma
Report of Proceedings
Portraits of the Seventeenth Century Historic and Literary
The Cistercians in Yorkshire
A Treatise on Light
The French Principia
The Religious Aspect of Philosophy a Critique of the Bases of Conduct and of Faith
The Determined Twins
A Tour Through Cornwall in the Autumn of 1808
The Book of American Wars
The Poems of Schiller
The Diary of a Journalist
A Bee Among the Bankers
The Travels and Researches of Alexander Von Humboldt
A Roman Diary and Other Documents Relating to the Papal Inquiry Into English Ordinations MDCCCXCVI
The Diary of a Hunter from the Punjab to the Karakorum Mountains
The Silver Horde A Novel
A Short History of Paper-Money and Banking in the United States Including an Account of Provincial and Continental Paper-Money to Which Is Prefixed an Inquiry Into the Principles of the System
A Practical Treatise on Midwifery Containing the Result of Sixteen Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty-Four Births Occurring in the Dublin Lying-In Hospital During a Period of Seven Years Commencing November 1826
A Speckled Bird
The Creed of a Layman Apologia Pro Fide Mea
The Squirrel-Cage
The Princess and Other Poems
The Holy See and the Wandering of the Nations from St Leo I to St Gregory I
Romance Island
The Interview
The Clubs of London With Anecdotes of Their Members Sketches of Character and Conversations
Proceedings of the American Forest Congress Held at Washington DC January 2 to 6 1905 Under the Auspices of the American Forestry Association
Catalogue of the New York State Library 1882 First Supplement to the Subject-Index of the General Library for Ten Years 1872-1882
Catalogue of Books Added to the Library of Congress from December 1 1866 to December 1 1867
The Waverley Novels Volume 1
The English Peasantry and the Enclosure of Common Fields With an Introduction by the Right Honourable the Earl of Carrington
Annual Report of the Pennsylvania State College for the Year
Dissertations on the Mosaical Creation Deluge Building of Babel and Confuson of Tongues C
Sermons Preached at Trinity Chapel Brighton Volume 1
Orations Addresses and Speeches of Chauncey M DePew
Treitschke His Doctrine of German Destiny and of International Relations Together with a Study of His Life and Work
Twenty-Five Years of St Andrews September 1865 to September 1890
Memorials of a Quiet Life Supplementary Volume
The Clever Woman of the Family
Farm Boys and Girls
Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue
Theodore Roosevelt and His Time Shown in His Own Letters
Here Lies Being a Collection of Ancient and Modern Humorous and Queer Inscriptions from Tombstones
The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Twelve Stars of Our Republic Our Nations Gift-Book to Her Young Citizens
Travels in North-America in the Years 1780-81-82
Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord with Special Reference to Mechanism and Function for Students and Practitioners
The Principles of Ethics
Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune Duke of Sully Prime Minister to Henry the Great Containing the History of the Life and Reign of That Monarch and His Own Administration Under Him Volume 4
Church Unity Studies of Its Most Important Problems
The Poems Sacred Passionate and Humorous
The First Three English Books on America -1555 AD
Two Years in the French West Indies
Thomas Davis Selections from His Prose and Poetry
Richmond and Its Inhabitants from the Olden Times with Memoirs and Notes
The Life of George Combe Author of the Constitution of Man
Mountain Wild Flowers of America A Simple and Popular Guide to the Names and Descriptions of the Flowers That Bloom Above the Clouds
Spectrum Analysis Six Lectures Delivered in 1868 Before the Society of Apothecaries of London
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
The Poetry and Humor of the Scottish Language
Theologia Speculativa Et Moralis Volume 3
A Standard History of Williams County Ohio An Authentic Narrative of the Past with Particular Attention to the Modern Era in the Commercial Industrial Educational Civic and Social Development
University Prints
The Last of the Arctic Voyages Being a Narrative of the Expedition in H M S Assistance Under the Command of Captian Sir Edward Belcher C B in Search of Sir John Franklin During the Years 1852-53-54
Hand-Book of Chemistry
A Life for a Life
The Preacher the Third Part Containing Farther Rules and Advices for the Right Discharging of the Sacred-Office of Preaching With Animadversions on Some Passages in the Book Entituled the Whole Duty of Man and in the Late Writings of Dr Hickes D
New Testament Theology Or Historical Account of the Teaching of Jesus and of Primitive Christianity According to the New Testament Sources
The Earls Promise
The Science of Aesthetics Or the Nature Kinds Laws and Uses of Beauty
The Speaker A Quarterly Magazine of Successful Readings Volume 3
Abraham Lincoln A History
Sporting Magazine Volume 13
Sir Joshua Reynolds First President of the Royal Academy
Being Well-Born An Introduction to Eugenics
Customs and Fashions in Old New England
The Westerners
Cobbetts Weekly Political Register Volume 1
Social History of the Races of Mankind
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy
The Broad Highway
A Treatise on Political Economy Or the Production Distribution and Consumption of Wealth
A Birds-Eye View of Our Civil War
A Naval History of the American Revolution
Zeitschrift Fur Franzosische Sprache Und Literatur
The British Almanac Containing Astronomical Official and Other Information Relating to the British Isles the Dominions Oversea and Foreign Countries
President Wilsons Great Speeches and Other History Making Documents
Hinduism and Its Relations to Christianity
Quaint and Historic Forts of North America
Injurious Insects of the Orchard Vineyard Field Garden Conservatory Household Storehouse Domestic Animals Etc with Remedies for Their Extermination
Sea Power in Its Relations to the War of 1812
Devon Its Moorlands Streams Coasts
The Theory of Toleration Under the Later Stuarts
The Drama Its History Literature and Influence on Civilization
The Polar Regions of the Western Continent Explored Embracing a Geographical Account of Iceland Greenland the Islands of the Frozen Sea and the Northen Parts of the American Continent Together with the Adventures of Navigators in Those Regio
The Vitamines
Cassells Old and New Edinburgh Its History Its People and Its Places
An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews With the Preliminary Exercitations
The Bibliographers Manual of American History Containing an Account of All State Territory Town and County Histories Relating to the United States of North America with Verbatim Copies of Their Titles and Useful Bibliographical Notes
Systematic Theology A Compendium and Commonplace-Book Designed for the Use of Theological Students
Personal Memoirs of P H Sheridan General United States Army
Memoirs of Sophia Dorothea Consort of George 1 Chiefly from the Secret Archives of Hanover Brunswick Berlin and Vienna Including a Diary of the Conversations of Illustrious Personages of Those Courts with Letters and Other Documents
The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox the Ventriloquist
Pacific Service Magazine Volume V16 (July 1924-Apr 1927)
The Psalms and Other Sacred Writings Their Origin Contents and Significance
Imperial Gazetteer of India
The Fortunes of Hector OHalloran and His Man Mark Antony OToole
The Microscope and Its Revelations
The Romance of Irish History
The History and Antiqutities of the County of Somerset
Re-Statements of Christian Doctrine In Twenty-Five Sermons
The Life of Sir Tobie Matthew Bacons Alter Ego
The Fair Hills of Ireland
Studies in the Life of Christ
Tales of the Road
The International Journal of Surgery Volume 15
A Tent of Grace by Adelina Cohnfeldt Lust
The Development of Navies During the Last Half Century
Social Pathology
The Irish Nation Its History Its Biography
The Traitors
The South-Bound Car
Ships by Day A Novel
The Religion of a Mature Mind
The Rise of Ruderick Clowd
Vicious Circles in Disease
The Indians Their Manners and Customs
Sketches in History and Poetry
The Trusty Servant
West and East The Expansion of Christendom and the Naturalization of Christianity in the Orient in the Xixth Century Being the Dale Lectures Oxford 1913
The King and the Miller of Mansfield a Dramatic Tale as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Washington Theological Repertory and Churchmans Guide Volume 4
The Life and Correspondence of the Right Honble Henry Addington First Viscount Sidmouth
The Evolution of the English Corn Market from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century
A Study in Canadian Immigration
The Journal of Education Volume 14
The Diary of Samuel Pepys Volume 7
The Rajah
A Treatise on the History and Management of Ornamental and Domestic Poultry
A Treatise on Hydraulics
An Apostle of the North Memoirs of the Right Reverend William Carpenter Bompas
A Tale of a Lonely Parish
The Theory of Allotropy
The University Hymn Book for Use in the Chapel of Harvard University
The Publishers Weekly Volume 18
The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle Volume 19
The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians Corinthians Galatians Romans and Philippians
The Breaking Point
The Psalms Translated and Explained Volume 2
The Bourbon Restoration
The Neer-Do-Weel
The Idler in Italy Volume 1
The Surgery of the Stomach A Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment
A Soldiers Diary South Africa 1899-1901
Seven Years of the Kings Theatre
Darwin and After Darwin An Exposition of the Darwinian Theory and a Discussion of Post-Darwinian Questions Volume 2
A Text-Book of Histology Including Microscopic Technic
A Dictionary of the Principal Languages Spoken in the Bengal Presidency Viz English Bangali and Hindustani in the Roman Character
British Policy and Opinion During the Franco-Prussian War
Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Relating to Africa South of the Zambesi in the English Dutch French and Portuguese Languages in the Collection of George McCall Theal to Which Have Been Added Several Hundred Titles of Volumes in Those Languages a
The Old Curiosity Shop A Tale
The Best Short Stories of 1917
A Princetonian A Story of Undergraduate Life at the College of New Jersey
A New Treatise Upon Regeneration in Baptism
Three Visits to Madagascar During the Years 1853-1854-1856 Including a Journey to the Capital With Notices of the Natural History of the Country and of the Present Civilization of the People
Forest Life in Acadie Sketches of Sport and Natural History in the Lower Provinces of the Canadian Dominion
Tristram of Lyonesse And Other Poems
Catalogue of the Very Extensive and Valuable Library of the Late REV Dr Wellesley Comprising Italian Writers in Verse and Prose Including Ariosto Berni Boccaccio Scarce Italian Folklore and Chap Books Important and Magnificent Boo
The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the Time of Christ Volume 1
The Western World Guide and Hand-Book of Useful Information
Cy Whittakers Place
The Mystic Flowery Land Being a True Account of an Englishmans Travels and Adventures in China
Personal Sketches of His Own Times
Lectures on the British Poets
A Sketch of the History of the United States from Independence to Secession
Shall It Be Again
American Railroad Journal Volume 8
The History of the Life of King Henry the Second And of the Age in Which He Lived in Five Books To Which Is Prefixed a History of the Revolutions of England from the Death of Edward the Confessor to the Birth of Henry the Second Volume 6
Mechanics Magazine and Journal of Science Arts and Manufactures Volume 52
Life and Letters of Stopford Brooke Volume 2
The Devils Advocate
Jack Hinton the Guardsman
Lectures on Teaching Delivered in the University of Cambridge During the Lent Term 1880
Psychological Bulletin
The Caxtons a Family Picture
Sermons Volume 1
Business English and Correspondence
In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875 From Contemporary Letters
Richardsoniana Or Occasional Reflections on the Moral Nature of Man
Gowrie Or the Kings Plot
The Risen Sun
Federal Income Tax Laws Correlated and Annotated Being a Compilation and Annotation of All Federal Income Tax Laws Beginning 1861 and a Correlation of All Laws Beginning 1909
Mistress and Maid Volume 1
Life in Prairie Land
Wonders of European Art
Religion and Health
Addresses and Papers
Missionary Herald Volume 10
Whats the World Coming To
Lowell Hydraulic Experiments Being a Selection from Experiments on Hydraulic Motors on the Flow of Water Over Weirs in Open Canals of Uniform Rectangular Section and Through Submerged Orifices and Diverging Tubes Made at Lowell Massachusetts
Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of Scotland Hitherto Unpublished with Explantory Notes
Acts Passed at a General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Miscellaneous Papers
The Poetical Writings of Fitz-Greene Halleck with Extracts Form Those of Joseph Rodman Drake Edited by James Grant Wilson
An Historical Research Respecting the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic on Negroes as Slaves as Citizens and as Soldiers Read Before the Massachusetts Historical Society August 14 1862
David Harum A Story of American Life
Journal of Anatomy and Physiology Volume 28
Dawn Over Samarkand The Rebirth of Central Asia
Addresses and Other Papers
Novels of Walter Besant and James Rice Volume 2
An Abridgment of the History of Ireland From the Earliest Accounts to the Present Tine On the Plan of Dr Goldsmiths History of England With a Chronological Table
Kaloolah Or Journeyings to the Djebel Kumri An Autobiography of Jonathan Romer
The Lives of the Chief Justices of England From the Norman Conquest Till the Death of Lord Tenterden
The Kingdom of Siam
A Narrative of Four Voyages To the South Sea North and South Pacific Ocean Chinese Sea Ethiopic and Southern Atlantic Ocean Indian and Antarctic Ocean From the Year 1822 to 1831
Greater Britain A Record of Travel in English-Speaking Countries During 1866 and 1867
The Great Battles of All Nations from Marathon to the Surrender of Cronje in South Africa 490 BC to the Present Day
Voices of the Garden the Woods and the Fields Or the Teachings of Nature as Seasons Change
A Childs History of England
The History of England from the Accession of James the Second
Truth Dexter
Evolution in the Past
Birds in Their Relations to Man A Manual of Economic Ornithology for the United States and Canada
The Relations of Science and Religion
The Sacred Laws of the Aryas as Taught in the Schools of Apastamba Gautama Vasishtha and Baudhayana
The Microscopy of Technical Products
Industrial Problems and Disputes
How I Know or Sixteen Years Eventful Experience
An Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction Including Also Pseudonyms Surnames Bestowed on Eminent Men and Analagous Popular Appellations Often Referred to in Literature and Conversation
The Dramatic Works a Metrical English Version by Robert Bruce Boswell
Shooting on Upland Marsh and Stream A Series of Articles Written by Prominent Sportsmen Descriptive of Hunting the Upland Birds of America
Illustrated School History of the World from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time Accompanied with Numerous Maps and Engravings
The Franco-German War of 1870-71
A Text-Book of Geography
Restrictive Railway Legislation
Conversations on Botany
The Corner Stone
The Unpardonable Sin A Novel
Microscopical Diagnosis
Popular Tales of the West Highlands Orally Collected
The Riddle of the Universe at the Close of the Nineteenth Century
Darwiniana Essays
Prince Zilah (Le Prince Zilah) with a Pref by Comte DHaussonville and Illus by Herman Rountree
A Textbook of Elementary Biology
Woods and Waters Or the Saranacs and Racquet
Travels in the United States of America in the Years 1806 1807 and 1809 1810 1811 Including an Account of Passages Betwixt America and Britain and Travels Through Various Parts of Great Britain Ireland and Upper Canada
A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life in Israel in Judaism and in Christianity Or Hebrew Jewish and Christian Eschatology from Pre-Prophetic Times Till the Close of the New Testament Canon Being Jowett Lectures for 1898-99
Half-Hour Recreations in Popular Science
Canadian Horticulturist
The Dominion Annual Register and Review for the 12th-20th Year of the Canadian Union Edited by Henry James Morgan
Out and About A Boys Adventures Written for Adventurous Boys
Swedenborg a Hermetic Philosopher Being a Sequel to Remarks on Alchemy and the Alchemists Showing That Emanuel Swedenborg Was a Hermetic Philosopher and That His Writings May Be Interpreted from the Point of View of Hermetic Philosophy with a Chapter
Reliques of Robert Burns Consisting Chiefly of Original Letters Poems and Critical Observations on Scottish Songs
Uncle Carl
Outlines of Lessons in Botany for the Use of Teachers or Mothers Studying with Their Children
The Romance of an Empress Catherine II of Russia
Memoir of George T Day D D Minister and Editor 1846-1875
Public School Education
The Homilies of S John Chrysostom on the Epistles of St Paul the Apostle to Timothy Titus and Philemon
The Dogmatic Faith An Inquiry Into the Relation Subsisting Between Revelation and Dogma In Eight Lectures Preached Before the University of Oxford in the Year 1867
Practical Essay on the Strength of Cast Iron and Other Metals Containing Practical Rules Tables and Examples Founded on a Series of Experiments With an Extensive Table of the Properties of Materials
The Life and Times of Samuel Bowles
The Poetical Works of James Thomson
The Tour of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York Through the Dominion of Canada in the Year 1901
Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Correction at the Annual Session Held in
Notes Explanatory and Practical on the Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians Philippians and Colossians
Memories of Eight Parlaiments Part I--Men Part II-- Manners
A View of Society and Manners in France Switzerland and Germany With Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters
The Elements of Moral Science
Early History of the Christian Church From Its Foundation to the End of the Fifth Century
The Popular History of England An Illustrated History of Society and Government from the Earliest Period to Our Own Times
The History of England from the Earliest Times to the Death of George II
Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy
The Works of Alexander Hamilton
Sermons on Philosophical Evangelical and Practical Subjects Designed for the Use of Various Denominations of Christians
The Complete Works of Robert Burns
The Ridpath Library of Universal Literature a Biographical and Bibliographical Summary of the Worlds Most Eminent Authors
Felicity the Making of a Comedienne
Historical Traditionary and Imaginative Tales of the Borders and of Scotland With an Illustrative Glossary of the Scottish Dialect
Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis
The Canadian Naturalist A Series of Conversations on the Natural History of Lower Canada
A Series of Letters Between Mrs Elizabeth Carter and Catherine Talbot from the Year 1741 to 1770 to Which Are Added Letters from Mrs Elizabeth Carter to Mrs Vesey Between the Years 1763 and 1787 Published from the Original Manuscripts in the Posse
The Life of Francis Marion
A System of Physiological Botany
The Fall of the Romanoffs How the Ex-Empress Rasputine Caused the Russian Revolution
A Compendious System of Practical Surveying and Dividing of Land Concisely Defined Methodically Arranged and Fully Exemplified The Whole Adapted for the Easy and Regular Instruction of Youth in Our American Schools
A Treatise on Light and Vision
The Spaniards Their Country
The Odes of Horace Translated Into English Verse with a Life and Notes
The Eccentric Mirror Reflecting a Faithful and Interesting Delineation of Male and Female Characters Ancient and Modern Collected and Re-Collected from the Most Authentic Sources
Memories of Eight Parliaments Part 1 - Men Part 2 - Manners
Readings in Ancient History Illustrative Extracts from the Sources
Abraham Lincolns Speeches
The Poets of the Old Testament
Bismarck in the Franco-German War 1870-1871
The Brahmans Theists and Muslims of India Studies of Goddess-Worship in Bengal Caste Brahmaism and Social Reform with Descriptive Sketches of Curious Festivals Ceremonies and Faquirs with Illus from Photographs and from Drawings
Six Discourses
The French Revolution A History
Cripps the Carrier A Woodland Tale
How to Write Special Feature Articles A Handbook for Reporters Correspondents and Free-Lance Writers Who Desire to Contribute to Popular Magazines and Magazine Sections of Newspapers
Oxford Men Their Colleges Illustrated with Portraits Views Together with the Matriculation Register 1880-1892
A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures Critical Doctrinal and Homiletical with Special Reference to Ministers and Students
Money and Morals A Book for the Times
Tracts Philological Critical and Miscellaneous Consisting of Pieces Many Before Published Separately Several Annexed to the Works of Learned Friends and Others Now First Printed from the Authors Manuscripts John Jortin
Cost Keeping and Management Engineering
The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell
Transactions of the Literary Society of Bombay Volume 1
Abraham Lincoln A History Volume 1
The Analectic Magazine Volume 12
History of the English Law from the Time of the Romans to the End of the Reign of Elizabeth With Numerous Notes and an Introductory Dissertation on the Nature and Use of Legal History the Rise and Progress of Our Laws and the Influence of the Roman
The Times History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902
The Development of Transportation in Modern England
History of the English Parliament Its Growth and Development Through a Thousand Years 800 to 1887
The Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States of America from the Signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace 10th September 1783 to the Adoption of the Constitution March 4 1789 Being the Letters of the Presidents of Congress the Secretary for
Several Discourses Preached at the Temple Church Volume 1
Discourses Relating to the Evidences of Revealed Religion Delivered in the Church of the Universalists at Philadelphia 1796 and Published at the Request of Many of the Hearers
The Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
The Life and Letters of Paul the Apostle
The Mississippi Valley and Prehistoric Events Giving an Account of the Original Formation All from Authentic Sources
Argumentation and Debate
de Rebus Alexandri Magni Historia Superstes
Letters from the East Written During a Recent Tour Through Turkey Egypt Arabia the Holy Land Syria and Greece Volume 1
Physiological and Medical Observations Among the Indians of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico
Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on Cotton Exchanges Range of Grades Deliverable on Contract
Half a Century
Dollars and Sense Or How to Get On the Whole Secret in a Nutshell
Ezekiel and the Book of His Prophecy An Exposition
Harvard Memorial Biographies
Islam in India or the Q*an*un-I-Isl*am the Customs of the Musalm*ans of India Comprising a Full and Exact Account of Their Various Rites and Ceremonies from the Moment of Birth to the Hour of Death
Dodge Manufacturing Company Power Transmission Engineers and Manufacturers of the Dodge D Line Power Transmission Machinery Catalog C-12
Echoes of Heart Whispers
Each for All and All for Each The Individual in His Relation to the Social System
Persuasives to Early Piety Interspersed with Suitable Prayers
Transactions of the Linnean Society of London Volume 4
Specimens of American Poetry with Critical and Biographical Notices Volume 3
Manual of Universal Church History Volume 3
The Letters of Junius From the Latest London Edition with Fac-Similes of Attributed Authors
Memoir of the Life Character and Writings of Philip Doddridge DD with a Selection from His Correspondence
Vanity Fair A Novel Without a Hero Volume 1
Edwardss Botanical Register or Ornamental Flower Garden and Shrubbery Volume 26
The Life of John Knox 2 Containing Illustrations of the History of the Reformation in Scotland
Municipal Record Volume 1914 7
Oddfellows Magazine Volume Series 3 V 1
Western Field Volume V11 (Aug 1907-Jan 1908)
Obras Selectas Volume 2
Travels Through Lower Canada and the United States of North America in the Years 1806 1807 and 1808 to Which Are Added Biographical Notices and Anecdotes of Some of the Leading Characters in the United States
Letters from Dr James Gregory of Edinburgh in Defence of His Essay on the Difference of the Relation Between Motive and Action and That of Cause and Effect in Physics with Replies by Alex Crombie
Report Volume 1898-1899
Index Volume 1963
The Sugar Beet Devoted to the Cultivation and Utilization of the Sugar Beet Volume 28
William Ewart Gladstone Life and Public Services
Index Volume 1964
Theodore Roosevelt The Man as I Knew Him
[Calvinism Six Stone-Lectures]
My Trivial Life and Misfortune a Gossip with No Plot in Particular
Index Volume 1969
Broadland Sport
Tuberculosis of the Bones and Joints in Children
The Culture of Christian Manhood Sunday Mornings in Battell Chapel Yale University
The Compact with the Charter and Laws of the Colony of New Plymouth Together with the Charter of the Council at Plymouth and an Appendix Containing the Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England and Other Valuable Documents
The Spell of Italy
The Eagle of the Empire A Story of Waterloo
The Life of Lord Roberts KG VC
The Way of These Women
Ian MacLaren Life of the REV John Watson
The Cyclopedic Review of Current History
Index Scholasticus Sons and Daughters a Guide to Parents in the Choice of Educational Institutions Preparatory to Professional or Other Occupation of Their Children Clerical Ministerial Educational Etc
The Great Red Dragon Or the Master-Key to Popery
Memoirs of Scottish Catholics During the Xviith and Xviiith Centuries Selected from Hitherto Inedited Mss
The Praise of Shakespeare an English Anthology
History of the Medical Teaching in Trinity College Dublin and of the School of Physic in Ireland
The Poetical Works 5th Ed Corr and Enl to Which Are Now Added Inscriptionum Romanarum Delectus and an Inaugural Speech Together with Memoirs of His Life and Writings And Notes Critical and Explanatory
Lectures on the Religion of the Semites First Series the Fundamental Institutions
The Power of the Keys
Guerndale An Old Story
The Life of Abraham Lincoln Drawn from Original Sources and Containing Many Speeches Letters and Telegrams Hitherto Unpublished
A Collection of Memorials Concerning Divers Deceased Ministers and Others of the People Called Quakers In Pennsylvania New-Jersey and Parts Adjacent from Nearly the First Settlement Thereof to the Year 1787 With Some of the Last Expressions and Exh
A Paraphrase and Annotations Upon All the Books of the New Testament Briefly Explaining All the Difficult Places Thereof
The Prospector A Tale of the Crows Nest Pass
Lord Sydenham
James Nasmyth Engineer An Autobiography
An Engineers Holiday Or Notes of a Round Trip from Long 0 to 0
Dalmatia the Quarnero and Istria with Cettigne in Montenegro and the Island of Grado
The Life of Christ
The Beginnings of the American Revolution Based on Contemporary Letters Diaries and Other Documents
The Marvel Book of American Ships
The Theory of Practice An Ethical Enquiry In Two Books
The Theory of Evolution with Special Reference to the Evidence Upon Which It Is Founded
Report from the Committee of Secrecy Appointed to Enquire Into the Causes of the War in the Carnatic and of the British Possessions in Those Parts
The German Secret Service in America
Major-General Anthony Wayne and the Pennsylvania Line in the Continental Army
Political Science and Comparative Constitutional Law
Annual Report and Proceedings
The Black Drop
Between the Lines Secret Service Stories Told Fifty Years After
Catalogue or Alphabetical Index of the Astor Library
Our Scottish Clergy Fifty-Two Sketches Biographical Theological Critical Including Clergymen of All Denominations
The Republican Tradition in Europe
Abraham Lincoln and His Presidency
Postal Riders and Raiders
Biblical Essays
The Lay of the Nibelungs
The Life of the Bee
The Woods and By-Ways of New England
Life and Letters of William Barton Rogers
Through the Yukon and Alaska
Welsh Religious Leaders in the Victorian Era
Commentary on the Psalms
William George Ward and the Catholic Revival
Indiana University 1820-1904 Historical Sketch Development of the Course of Instruction Bibliography
A Tour Up the Straits from Gibraltar to Constantinople with the Leading Events in the Present War Between the Austrians Russians and Turks to the Commencement of the Year 1789
The Trial at Bar of Sir Roger CD Tichborne Bart Bin the Court of Queens Bench at Westminster Before Lord Chief Justice Cockburn Mr Justice Mellor and Mr Justice Lush for Perjury Commencing Wednesday April 23 1873 and Ending Saturday Febru
A Text-Book on Practical Mathematics for Advanced Technical Students
The History of Co-Operation in Scotland Its Inception and Its Leaders
The Wages Question A Treatise on Wages and the Wages Class
Works Life of George Washington
A History of Upper Canada College 1829-1892 With Contributions by Old Upper Canada College Boys Lists of Head-Boys Exhibitioners University Scholars and Medallists and a Roll of the School
Lectures on Subjects Connected with Clinical Medecine Comprising Diseases of the Heart In Two Volumes Volume 2
The Gospel Problems and Their Solution Being an Inquiry Into the Origin of the Four Gospels
The Boys Life of General Sheridan
The Present State of England in Regard to Agriculture Trade and Finance With a Comparison of the Prospects of England and France
The Western Echo A Description of the Western States and Territories of the United States as Gathered in a Tour by Wagon
The Home of Fadeless Splendour Or Palestine of Today
The Annual Biography and Obituary
Summer From the Journal of Henry D Thoreau
Louisa of Prussia and Her Times An Historical Novel
Peeps at Parliament Taken from Behind the Speakers Chair
Quarterly Publication
Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah
Buddhist Birth Stories Or Jtaka Tales
I Accuse! (JAccuse!)
Among the Forest Trees Or How the Bushman Family Got Their Homes Being a Book of Facts and Incidents of Pioneer Life in Upper Canada Arranged in the Form of a Story
The Spectator Corrected from the Originals Volume 4
Votes and Proceedings
Elements of Descriptive Geometry
History and Geography of the Middle Ages for Colleges and Schools
The History and Antiquities of the City of York From Its Origin to the Present Times Illustrated with Twenty-Two Copper-Plates Volume 1
Pharmacopoea Edinbvrgensis
Reports on the Meteorological Dept of India
Trail and Camp-Fire The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting Volume 27
Memoirs of the Generals Commodores and Other Commanders Who Distinguished Themselves in the American Army and Navy During the Wars of the Revolution and 1812 and Who Were Presented with Medals by Congress for Their Gallant Services
A Series of Tracts on the Doctrines Order and Polity of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America Embracing Several on Practical Subjects Volume V4
From Pioneer Home to the White House Life of Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Youth Manhood Assasination Death
One of the Jesuits Alexis Clerc Sailor and Martyr
Sequel to American Popular Lessons Intended for the Use of Schools
Hymns for Public Worship
Compend of Mechanical Refrigeration A Comprehensive Digest of Applied Energetics and Thermodynamics for the Practical Use of Ice Manufacturers Cold Storage Men and Others Interested in the Application of Refrigeration
Bulletin - United States National Museum Volume No 236 1964
Cuchulain of Muirthemne The Story of the Men of the Red Branch of Ulster
The Anglo-German Problem
The School for Saints Part of the History of the Right Honourable Robert Orange MP
The California Fruits and How to Grow Them a Manual of Methods Which Have Yielded Greatest Success With Lists of Varieties Best Adapted to the Different Districts of the State
The Master of Deeplawn
The Chronicles of America Series Allen Johnson
A History of the English Church During the Civil Wars and Under the Commonwealth 1640-1660
Elements of Geometry Containing Books I to VI and Portions of Books XI and XII of Euclid with Exercises and Notes
Corleone a Tale of Sicily
Famous Singers of To-Day and Yesterday
Niles Weekly Register Volume 19
The Devil in the Church His Secret Works Exposed and His Snares Laid to Destroy Our Public Schools
Essays on English Literature
The Poems of Edmund Clarence Stedman
Returns of the Railroad Corporations in Massachusetts with Abstracts of the Same
The Dramatic Works of John Crowne
The Diary of Isaiah Thomas 1805-1828
The Life of Stratford Canning Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe from His Memoirs and Private and Official Papers
The Mystery of the Woods and the Man Who Missed It
A Manual of New York Corporation Law Containing the Important Statutes Regulating Business Incorporations a Digest of These Statutes and the Principal Forms Used by Corporations Operating in the State of New York
The Correspondence and Diary of Philip Doddridge DD Illustrative of Various Particulars in His Life Hitherto Unknown With Notices of Many of His Contemporaries and a Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the Times in Which He Lived
The Holy See and the Wandering of the Nations from St Leo to St Gregory I
The Living Animals of the World a Popular Natural History an Interesting Description of Beasts Birds Fishes Reptiles Insects Etc with Authentic Anecdotes
The Memoirs of Francesco Crispi
The Students Cabinet Library of Useful Tracts Volume 2
A History of Architectural Development Volume 2
A Treatise on Zoology
The Duchess of Wrexe Her Decline and Death A Romantic Commentary
The Lives of the Fathers Martyrs and Other Principal Saints Volume 11
The Splendid Spur Being Memoirs of the Adventures of Mr John Marvel a Servant of His Late Majesty King Charles I in the Years 1642-3
A Distinguished Provincial at Paris and Z Marcas
The English Lyric
The Dog Crusoe A Tale of the Western Prairies
The Western Journal Volume 12
The Life Correspondence and Speeches of Henry Clay
A Guide to the Trees
The Principles and Practice of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery
The History of the Public Revenue of the British Empire Containing an Account of the Public Income and Expenditure from the Remotest Periods Recorded in History to Michaelmas 1802 With a Review of the Financial Administration of the Right Honorable W
The Poetical Works of Rogers Campbell J Montgomery Lamb and Kirke White Complete in One Volume
The Complete Works of Robert Burns Including His Correspondence Etc
A Modern History of the English People
An Historical View of the English Government from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the Revolutin in 1688 To Which Are Subjoined Some Dissertations Connected with the History of the Government from the Revolution to the Present Time
The Complete Works of Robert Burns (Self-Interpreting)
The Poetical Works of Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount Lion King at Arms
A History of Northumberland in Three Parts Part 3 Volume 2
Inca Land Explorations in the Highlands of Peru
The Law Relating to Traffic on Railways and Canals
The Keys of Saint Peter or the House of Rechab Connected with the History of Symbolism and Idolatry
Irvings Works
Abraham Lincolns Stories and Speeches Including Early Life Stories Professional Life Stories White House Incidents War Reminiscences Etc
Isaac Watts
Ransons Folly
General Zoology Or Systematic Natural History Volume 14 Part 1
First Steps in General History a Suggestive Outline
The Algonquin Legends of New England Or Myths and Folk Lore of the Micmac Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribes
The Life and Times of Bishop Challoner (1691-1781)
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 2
Social Statics Or the Conditions Essential to Human Happiness Specified and the First of Them Developed
Fossils of the British Islands Stratigraphically and Zoologically Arranged
Sir William Beechey Ra
Commissioner Kerr an Individuality
The Book of Common Prayer with Historical Notes
The Plays and Fragments with Critical Notes Commentary and Translation in English Prose
Portraits and Habits of Our Birds
Geological Report on Wayne County
A Treatise on Fever
Lady Adelaide a Novel
Antiquary a Magazine Devoted to the Study of the Past
The Principles of Pragmatism A Philosophical Interpretation of Experience
An Impartial Vindication of the Clergy of England in a Letter to a Friend In Which Are Intermixt Several Passages Which May Serve as a Replu to Dr Owens and Mr Baxters Late Answers to Dr Stillingfleets Sermon Entitled the Mischief of Separation

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